Regulatory Mechanisms of Implant-Induced Osteolysis

2 R01 AR049192 (Abu-Amer)

NIH/NIAMS $220,000/Year

The goals of this project are to delineate the molecular steps underlying PMMA-induced regulation of NEMO, investigate if TRAF6/TAK1/NEMO polyubiquitination events mediate PMMA-induced osteoclastogenesis, and determine the effect of inhibiting poly-UB-NEMO signaling in PMMA-induced calvarial osteolysis.

Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Tak1 Function in Osteoclasts

2 R01 AR054326 (Abu-Amer)

NIH/NIAMS $220,000/Year

The goals of this project are to examine the role and the molecular mechanisms governing TAK1 in osteoclasts and bone loss using tissue-specific deletion of TAK1.

Mechanisms Of Physiologic And Pathologic Osteoclastogenesis

1R01 AR072623-01 (Abu-Amer)
04/01/2018 – 03/31/2023
NIH/NIAMS $220,000/Year

Goals: Determine the specific role of NEMO and related signal transduction regulation in osteoclastogenesis under physiologic and pathologic conditions.

Mechanisms of Intestinal Inflammation-Induced Bone Loss

Project# 86200 (Abu-Amer)

1/01/2017 – 12/31/2019
Shriner’s Hospital for Children $232,101/Year

The goal of this project is to investigate the role of active NF-kB in intestine inflammation and its effect on bone.

Resource Based Center for Musculoskeletal Biology and Medicine

1P30AR074992-01 (PI: Silva; Project Lead, Core D: Abu-Amer)

Core D: Animal Models of Joint Injury and Disease

Our goal is to advance current knowledge to bridge gaps in our understanding of the cellular, molecular and functional basis of joint arthritis, and to develop and evaluate new therapeutic strategies.
Role: Project Lead, Resource Core D

Rotator Cuff Degeneration and Repair

2R56AR057836-06A1 (PI: Thomopoulos)

NIH/NIAMS (Subcontract) $74,582 /Year

*Aim 1 examining the role of inflammation in rotator cuff degeneration and repair.
Goals: Rotator cuff disease is a significant clinical problem affecting millions of individuals each year. Rotator cuff tears require repair of tendon to bone, yet successful healing is rarely achieved. Our aim is to develop new treatment approaches for enhanced tendon-to-bone healing to guide clinical care of rotator cuff pathologies.
Role: Co-Investigator

Intra-Articular Delivery of Sustained Release NF-kB Antagonists in Arthritis

1R01AR070975-02 (PI: Setton)

02/01/2017 – 01/31/2022
NIH/NIAMS $229,046/Year

This study will develop a safe, sustained-release drug depot from silk, formulated specifically for small molecule antagonists of inflammation to be injected into the joint space.
Role: Co-Investigator

Epigenetic Regulation of Bone Regeneration in Inflammatory Disease

1R01 AR075860 (PI: Jie Shen)

NIH/NIAMS $338,262/Year

The proposal aims to investigate mechanisms governing fracture repair focusing on Dnmt3b DNA methylation and the effect of inflammation on this process.
Role: Co-Investigator

The Role Of Physiologic And Pathologic AGEs On RAGE Signaling In IVD Degeneration

1R01 AR074441 (PI:Tang)

NIH/NIAMS $220,000/Year

Investigate the role of signaling of the AGE-RAGE axis in intervertebral disc homeostasis, injury, and disease.
Role: Co-Investigator

Department Fund

93793 (PI: Abu-Amer)                             


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