Genetic and Molecular Insights into Cartilage Regeneration, Primary and Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis

4R00AR064837 (Rai)

01/01/2017–12/31/2020 NCE
NIH/NIAMS $249,000

The focus of this grant proposal is to understand the genetic, molecular, and cellular differences in cartilage regeneration and degeneration in a set of healer and non-healer mouse strains from recombinant inbred lines.

Can Early Evidence of OA After ACL Injury be Measured and Modified?

18-002 (Brophy)

OREF Career Development $75,000

This proposal studies the biologic basis for osteoarthritis (OA) after anterior cruciate ligament tear (ACLT) since ~50% develop OA over time by asking: (i) Is there early evidence for OA in ACLT patients? (ii) Does early aspiration of effusion improve joint homeostasis in ACLT patients? In Aim 1, we will evaluate the effect of early aspiration on knees with ACLTs and ACLT + meniscus tears (ACLMTs), in Aim 2, we will compare early biological evidence for OA between ACLTs and ACLMTs and in an Exploratory Aim, we will assess association of effusion biomarkers with cartilage gene expression
ROLE: Co-Investigator

Gene Expression of Medial Meniscus Tears and Development of Knee Osteoarthritis

18-014 Grant (Lamplot)

07/01/2018–06/30/2020 NCE
OREF Resident Clinician Scientist Training Grant $20,000

The objective of the proposed study is to investigate the clinical and radiographic outcomes of a group of patients who previously underwent arthroscopic partial medial meniscectomy (APMM) and their association with gene expression data available from meniscus samples collected at the time of APMM.
ROLE: Collaborator

Intraarticular Metabolic Activity in the Pre-Osteoarthritic Hip

18-003 (Pascual-Garrido)

07/01/2018–06/30/2020 NCE
OREF New Investigator Grant $50,000

The aims of the study are twofold. In Aim 1, we propose to confirm the expression/location of candidate proteins in pre-OA and OA hips while in Aim 2, we propose to measure the effect of OA severity on the gene expression profile
ROLE: Co-Investigator

Understanding the Molecular Biology of Shoulder Joint Degeneration

19-029 (Aleem)

OREF New Investigator Grant $50,000

The proposed research project will attempt to describe the biologic link between glenohumeral arthritis and shoulder instability. The findings of the study will help study specific biologic pathways of early glenohumeral arthritis and help measure the effect that early intervention in shoulder instability may have in delaying future joint degeneration.
ROLE: Co-Investigator

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