Regulation of Chondrogenesis by Long Non-Coding RNAs

R21 AR072193-01A1 (PI: McAlinden)

04/01/2018 – 02/29/2020
NIH/NIAMS $110,000 ADC

The goals of this study are to determine the function and mechanism of specific lncRNAs in regulating early commitment of progenitor cells toward the chondrocyte lineage.

Epigenetic Regulation in Cartilage Tissue

R01 AR069605 (Contact PI: O’Keefe, MPI: McAlinden)

03/01/2016 – 02/29/2021
NIH/NIAMS $220,000 ADC

The goals of this project are to determine the functions of the DNA methylation enzyme, Dnmt3b, in regulating post-natal articular cartilage homeostasis.

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